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Water Soluble Non-woven Embroidery backing Production Line

Water soluble non-woven Embroidery backing Production Line

The frame is for the production of 20-100g/squ.m water soluble non woven fabrics which used as linings of garments and embroideries.The raw materials are treated by the process of opening and blending, material supplying, carding, net spreading, open-end netting, glue dipping, drying, ironing, fabric storing, calendering and fabric Rewinding.
Main Specification:

Raw material: Vinylon (PVA)

Machine width:2500mm
Final width:2200mm
Speed of the frame:10-30m/min
Specification of the finished product:Sticky linings of 20-100g/squ.m
Max.diameter of a roll:φ1000mm
heated by:heat-conducted oil、steam and natural gas
General power:180KW