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Chemical-bonded Wadding Production Line

Chemical-bonded Wadding Production Line


This machine mainly produces high-elasticity spray-bonded waddings and glue-free waddings,which are widely used for garments,bedding and furnitures.Spraybonded dryer adopts front and back spraying.Three kinds of heating method such as vapor,heat conducting oil or igniting directly.Top-blowing and bottom-suction with 6-layer air duct,hot air penetration and convection with high heat efficiency.  
Main Specifications:
Machine width: 3100 mm, 3500mm
Product net width: 2500 mm, 3200mm
Chamber length: 8000 mm, 10000mm,12000mm
Product specification: 100 ~ 280 g/㎡
Production capacities: 100 ~ 280 kg/h