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Spun-laced Nonwovens Production Line

Spun-laced Nonwovens Production Line

Spunlace Machine


The machine unit adopts spun-laced process with high-pressure water jet and makes the fiber reinforce and tangle with each other. Spun-laced nonwovens have good handle, softness, breathability and water absorbency, suitable for sanitary material, artificial leather, garment lining, cleaning wipe, home decoration etc.

1, Medical sanitary material: medical gauze, bandage, ointment cloth, cover cloth, operation dress, respirator and so on.
2,Daily use product of livelihood: clean dishcloth, wet face cloth, magic towel, hairdressing towel, once clothes, bed sheet
3,Material for industry: leather basic cloth of PU, PVC coat, leather for shoes, cloth for case and bag, leather for dress, basic cloth for sofa, lining for hat and shoes, lining for dress and so like.

Product net width: 1500mm-2500mm
Product specification: 30-120g/m2
Linear speed: 030m/min, 060m/min
Suitable raw material: 1.53D×38-51mm, PET or VISCOSE(rayon)
Production capacities: 100-300kg/h
Total power: 800-1000kw