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Powder dot coating line

It is suitable for powder-dot coating of pure cotton, poly cotton or other blend fabric about 50-135/g㎡,also it can produce low pressure polythene powder-dot interlining cloth, polyamide (nylon PA )powder-dot interlining cloth, polyester powder-dot interlining cloth, the coating of powder-dot interlining cloth is coated even, also it can fit cotton, leather or fibre to produce all kinds of garment
Data of Technological Feature:
1.       General length and width:15m,  working Width range:1.5m-2.1m;
2.       Speed:10~30m/min;
3.       Type of machine: left or right;
4.       Heat source: drying house is heated in long infrared ray, oil roller is heated in heat conduction oil(QD320), heat conduction roller is heated one-off;
5.       Diameter of roller: heat conduction roller: ¢270mm,cutting roller: ¢240mm,glass cooling roller: ¢240mm,cloth conduction roller: ¢75mm,large cooling roller: ¢570mm;
6.       Rolling style: hydraulic pressure rolling or friction rolling;
7.       Drawing style: AC generator;
8.       Capacity: 120kw