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WHSL High Speed Random Carding Machine

Main Specification:
Production Weight:16g/m2—60g/m2
Working Speed:≤80m/min
Product Features: This machine is suitable for processing all type of fiber Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polyester, Nylon and Rayon fiber.
-Fiber denier range can be from 1D to 6D, the unit weight of webcan be from 10g/m2 to 50g/m2, within this range the web is excellent quality.
-The tensile strength ratio of Machine Direction(MD) to Cross Direction(CD) can reach 2.5:1
-Within inverter for speed adjustment, very easy to run the machine and also very simple in adjusting the unit weight and layer quality of web, less machine break down also minimize the training works of workers.
-With selvage recycling device, the web size can be set at specific width and cut by circular knife at both side, the cut selvage will be recycled to reduce the material cost, more flexibility in width setting of your products.