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WPW High Efficnency Net Spreading Machine(CrossLapper)
  • Applications and characteristics: it can change the direction of fiber and regulate the thickness and width of fiber net. Its direction change adapts combination or frequency conversion method. Its linear velocity in net spreading is high and its operation is reliable. Its width of net and its height of bottom curtain can be adjusted linearly in the operation. The spreading net is uniform and the operation is very convenient and flexible.

  • Main specifications:Input width of net: 1500 mm, 2000 mm,
                                                                        Spreading width of net 1500 mm, 2700 mm, 3700mm, 4700 mm, 5800 mm
                                                                        Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 4460×2320×1550 mm (WPW-15/27)
                                                                        Total power 2.5 kw