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Double Dot coating line

Specification of Machine:
1.       Working Width :2500mm
2.       Speed:60m/min;
3.       Production speed: Sizing-dot:50 m/min. Double-dot:25~35 m/min;
4.       Basic cloth :non woven cloth, knitting cloth, shutting cloth;
5.       Sizing-dot materials: water solvent plastic adhesive;
6.       Powder: used in nylon PA glue powder or PE glue powder;
7.       Sway or absorb air: used in the style of four swaying and two absorbing;
8.       Drying house: heating style is used in oil, gas, steam and power; heated in long infrared ray at 3m between up and down, hot wind circulate at middle place;
9.       Cooling: ¢570mm large cooling roller or air-conditioning (according to customers);
10.   Compressed air:8pa(customer supply);
11.   Power approx: long infrared ray about 160kw, general approx about 180kw, motor about 15kw, fan about 13kw;
12.   Power supplying: 3X380V/PN/PE;
13.   Controlling voltage:220V