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Model WRZ Hot-Rolling Machine

Applications and features:
It is suitable for hot pressing reinforce non-woven cloth formed by all kinds of resultant web or blend fabric web.
It have two or three rolls which are laying vertically between them with the roll surface pressure adding by up-push hydraulic cylinder. the machine frame is made of one poece of steel plate. the rolls are made of the heat-resistant alley steel, whose surface is made a special heat treatment, heat conductive oil is applied to heat circulatory, automatic temperature control reaches lower than ±1.5℃ degree differential.

Main specifications:
Machine width:1500mm.2400mm
Maximum pressure:110kg/cm
Working speed:10-50m/min
Driver type:alternating current motor with frequency converter regulation.
Total power:4kw(WRZ-150)
Overall size:1000*2800*1850mm(WRZ-150)